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“Alison is my 'go to' when I'm feeling stuck and am in need some guidance. She provides uncanny insight and 'ah huh' moments. How she provides such detail and insight I don't know, and it's so accurate, it's uncanny.

Even the parts where you think “hmm I don't think that's exactly right” you find out down the track that she was actually spot on!!

What I love most though is Alison's bubbly personality, which is just infectious. She offers even the difficult advice to hear for the future, in a manner that is easy to swallow and sometimes even worth cracking a smile over.

Overall, Alison's advice always leaves me feeling recharged, and back on track again. With more clarity about the direction I want to head in. I normally walk in flat and deflated and leave feeling empowered. Thank you Alison for offering the service you do. A guiding light that makes the world of difference.”​

Claire, Victoria, Australia

“A friend recommended me to Alison, at first I was a bit apprehensive. Listening to Alison all my worries had faded and her calming nature had come over me.

Alison was very in-tune with what I was experiencing in my life at the time and it was quite amazing and reassuring that Alison was able to verbalise thoughts that I was thinking and was yet to share with others. She gave me confidence and empowered me, with her guidance, to have the strength to make the hard decisions I knew were right to move forward.

I walked away from the reading with clarity and focus on what I needed to do and where I was heading. Alison is blessed with an amazing gift and I will be returning to see her for more guidance in the future.”

Em, Victoria, Australia

“Alison is an incredibly insightful, friendly and amazing person with a remarkable gift of helping people see the bigger picture. Alison helped me re- energise and re-invigorate my life when I was feeling very low with no clear way forward. I saw her at what was a pivotal time in my life and career.”

Mandy, Victoria, Australia

“I was always quite sceptical about there even being a way of talking to the other side, but then a friend told me about Alison and what she said made me sit up and listen.

We had been having some strange things happening at our house which were completely freaking the dog out! For what seemed like no apparent reason the dog would shoot from room to room like something had spooked him. I also could hear our dining room chairs being moved about constantly yet there was no one in that room.

It was during a discussion with Alison, it became apparent that it was the spirit of someone who used to live in the house, and why they were here. She gave me instructions on what can help. I felt a bit of a numpty I can tell you talking to thin air the way Alison has told me too, but it worked! With further advice from Alison, our house became settled and pleasant once again. The great thing was this was all done over a phone call, so it doesn’t even matter where you actually are, Alison is able to help. Great work Alison, thanks very much. You’ve definitely changed my mind on the afterlife.”

Keith, London, United Kingdom

“I have had readings from Alison for quite some time now and I would highly recommend her. I nearly always go to her confused, not knowing which way to turn or just not understanding clearly what’s happening in my life and why. The information Alison shares with me is so accurate and even when it’s something I don’t recognise at the time, within weeks of the reading things just fit into place.

I love speaking and working with Alison on my readings! She is so much fun, she turns difficult news into acceptable news and fun news into hilarious news! Alison has her own unique way of sharing what she has to tell you, as her personality just bursts through and puts you at ease straight away, as though you’ve known her for years.

Following every reading with her I am more at peace within myself. I have clarity, understanding and comfort knowing which path to take and follow. Thanks Alison.”

Jen, Wales, United Kingdom